Be able to control your heated towel rack through the app on your mobile device from wherever you are. No subscription or hub required. The switch connects to your existing Wi-Fi network for complete wireless control. With the app you can program it to switch on and off automatically which will reduce the running costs by up to 75%.

What does it do?

The SMART Addition is supplied as a heated towel rack with built-in PTSelect Switch and the Wemo Wi-Fi Switch module.


Multiple Programing options with the Wemo Wi-FI Switch. In app timer functions; connects to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Works with IFTTT with an amazing array of possibilities.


Adjust the Temperature of the heated towel rack with the PTSelect Switch from the minimum of 30% power setting all the way up to 100%.


Indicates Current Power Setting with a quick flashing light on the PTSelect Switch indicating the current power/temperature setting is at the lowest setting and a solid light at the maximum setting.


Allows for Reduction in Electrical Usage when power or temperature setting is reduced and when the heated towel rack is switch off because it is not being used.

Download the Wemo Wi-Fi app

How does it work?

Wemo Wi-Fi Switch.

After installing the heated towel rack and Wemo Wi-Fi Switch, download the free Wemo app from either the Apple App store or the Google Play store and connect the Wemo Wi-Fi Switch to your Wi-Fi network. Thereafter using the Wemo App you will be able to programme the times when you want your heated towel rack to be on. We recommnend to switch your heated towel rack on at least 1 hour before showering and then leave it running for another for 4 hours to dry your towel. For voice control over the Wemo Wi-Fi Switch, it can also be paired with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

wemo switch with a heated towel rack


If This, Then That is a free web based service that opens up even more ways of controlling your heated towel rack. Download the IFTTT app from the Apple App store or the Google Play store and get started. “If I go to gym on Saturday or Sunday, then switch on my heated towel rack” - perfect for the out of routine showers.

PTSelect Switch. Adjusting the Temperature.

To increase the temperature rotate the dial to the Right. To decreasse the temperature rotate the dial to the Left. The speed at which the light flashes indicates the temperature level. A quick flashing light indicates a lower temperature, while a slow flash indicates a higher temperature. For the Wemo Wi-Fi Switch to work effectively, the PTSelect Switch should always be left ON.

heated towel rack with temperature adjustment


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