Heated Towel Racks



The EDGE 10 bar heated towel rack offers capacity to dry your bath towels as well as store them with its unique design, featuring top horizontal bars which are also heated.


The creative design of the EDGE 10 Bar is inspired by bold expression along with optimizing the use of space. It has the capacity to dry up to two bath sheets with additional top bars to store 2 more bath sheets, keeping them warm and fresh for use. This is the ideal heated towel rack for utilizing space effectively. When considering which electric towel rack to purchase, keep in mind the wall space that you have available along with the overall layout of your bathroom space. The number of towels that you will need to dry on the towel rack plays a vital role in selecting the heated towel rail that suits your requirements. Choose a design that will compliment your bathroom design and reflect your personal style.



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Keeping your towels fresh, hygienic and dry between washes is the main purpose of an electric towel warmer. The heat from the heated towel rack will dry your towels, reducing the bacteria found on damp towels by 90%, allowing you to wash your towels less often and therefore saving you water too. Indulge in the benefit of a fresh, dry bath towel every day!


Exclusive to Bathroom Butler is our unique Dry Element Technology with Direct Intelligent Heating. This advanced technology ensures that your heated towel rack will heat up faster than any fluid filled option, reaching a working temperature of 131°F in just 10 to 15 minutes. There will also be no possible fluid leaks and our rails are lighter and easier to install.

We focus on offering a quality product with a refined finish which is the reason that our towel warmers are not welded together allowing for them to be fully serviceable if needed. Cost effective to run, our electric towel heaters have an average wattage of between 60W and 100W, similar to that of 1 or 2 incandescent light bulbs.


Our unique built in controllers allow you to adjust the temperature settings on your towel warmer to suit your personal requirements. Some of the controllers also offer the option to programme when your heated towel rail switches on or off.

Simple on or off

A built-in manual rotary dial switch (PTSelect Switch), easy to use with a lower and higher temperature setting. This flexible option affords you control over your running costs by switching the electric towel rack on and off as required.

Programmable Timer

Reduce running costs by up to 75% with the temperature adjustment features on this controller; giving you the flexibility to set when you want the heated towel rack to switch on and off automatically, the built-in TDC Timer has four programmable times.

Mobile control

The additional Wemo Wi-Fi Switch provides the functionality of being able to program when your heated towel rack is on using the free app on your smart device and also offers voice activation through your in home virtual assistant of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri.


Supplied complete with all of the mounting parts needed, our heated towel racks are easy to install. Included with your heated towel rack is a mounting template and instruction manual, to take you through the simple installation process, step by step.

WIRING OPTIONS: We offer two wiring options for your convenience as every installation is different. The hardwired option (hidden wiring) provides the most aesthetically pleasing look or the exposed wiring option (plug-in) for ease and simplicity.

(supplied as standard)

Wired directly to main on an earth leakage protected circuit.


Exposed Wiring.
(optional extra)

For an aesthetically appealing look. Wired directly to main on an earth leakage protected circuit.

Exposed Wiring

DUAL ENTRY WIRING: Our heated towel racks have an electrical connection available in both bottom left and bottom right of the vertical posts, we call this Dual Entry, it allows you to choose which side to connect the electrical power during installation.


Dry your towels faster by folding them in four layers to maximize the benefit of your heated towel rack. This will ensure that your electric towel warmer holds the maximum amount of towels possible; obtaining the most warmth while drying them faster.