Which heated towel rack is best?

Are you scratching your head in front of your laptop wondering “which heated towel
rack should I buy?” With so many different brands competing for your attention, choosing the right one can be tricky. We’ve created a list of questions to ask yourself
before you part with your money.

Ask the questions that matter

Spoilt for choice
Sure, some brands might have more heated towel rack models to choose from. But more choice can lead to more confusion. At Bathroom Butler, we have carefully worked on creating models that consider the most important aspects from style and the number of towels it can dry to the wall space in your bathroom. Better yet, we can also offer you a selection of custom colors and finishes, something most of our competitors can’t.

What type of material is it made of?
Your bathroom isn’t like your lounge. It’s an exceptionally humid environment that
causes a lot of wear and tear on anything in it. This is why you need a heated towel
rack made using top quality, rust-resistant materials like Grade 304 Stainless Steel.
Also, remember that it’s always a case of buyer beware. We have many customers
come to us after being bitterly disappointed by unscrupulous brands that claim
they’re using this particular grade of metal when they’re not. As we work in this
business, we know what things cost, so when the promises are big but the price is
too low, immediately regard their claims as suspicious.

What type of tech is this heated towel rack using?
All Bathroom Butler heated towel racks use dry element technology (DET) but many
others don’t. They use a very outdated wet element technology (WET) which is why
so many of their models take incredibly long to heat up. Remember, when it comes
to drying towels, timing is everything because the faster they dry, the less time
bacteria has to grow. This is why all our Bathroom Butler models can reach an
optimal temperature within just 15 minutes.

How do I plan to install this heated towel rack?
To make things easy, Bathroom Butler offers both hardwired and plug-in options.
Also, for ease of installation, all our heated towel racks come standard with dual
entry electrical connections. Most brands don’t offer this and those who do often
want you to place a special order and wait weeks for it.

How long is the warranty?
When it comes to warranties, you’d have to go a long way to find one that beats
Bathroom Butler’s. Ours gives you 10 years against manufacturing defects, 5 years
on the heating element, 1 year on the PTSelect controller and 1 year on the WEMO
Switch. Other brands’ warranties are mostly between 2 and 3 years for manufacturing defects only.

How does this towel rack operate?
Many of our competitors, especially the cheaper ones, require you to switch their heated towel racks on and off manually. They also don’t have any models that feature a timer. Because we’re not living in the stone age, all Bathroom Butler models are available with a WIFI switch which will give you the timer function as well. In fact, some of our models can even be controlled via your smartphone!

Buy smart and you’ll only buy once
So, there you have it! While you’re shopping, think about the points above and ask
yourself, “how does this heated towel rack stack up?” When you know what to look
out for, you can make a smart choice once, rather than two poor choices before
finally coming home to Bathroom Butler. When you’re buying from us, a heated towel rack is always a brilliant investment that could serve you for decades, not just until the end of December.